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    March 12, 2021

    Rotatrim paper cutters

    Rotatrim Trimmers are a world leader in professional cutters manufactured in Bedford, United Kingdom and hand built by skilled technicians. Rotatrim was formed in 1966 (just one year after us) with a vision to create the finest rotary trimmers.

    Professional rotary trimmers have always been popular with schools, colleges, copy shops, printers, photographics industry and during lockdown they have also proved very popular with home workers. Designed specifically for constant, everyday use it's outstanding robustness and reliability are often cited as the main reasons why the Professional 'M' Series is the machine by which all others are judged.  In 2020 it was given a new look and re-named 'Pro-Series' whilst keeping the high quality you expect from a Rotatrim product.

    While there are cheap trimmers on the market, these can be false economy. Buy a Rotatrim Professional trimmer and you will invest in a machine that will last for many years to come.

    • More than 300,000 are in use worldwide.
    • Heavy duty built for constant, everyday use.
    • Self sharpening tungsten steel cutting blade wheel. Run the cutter wheel left and right 10 times without any material in the trimmer.
    • Automatic transparent clamp strip for grip and a clear view of cut line.
    • Finest quality self-sharpening, absolute precision, “Sheffield” steel blades
    •  Twin stainless steel guide rails totally eliminating head swivel
    •  All metal end frames and head
    •  Aluminium side rule and cursor
    •  Totally redesigned laminate grid baseboard with crosshair paper size guides and uncluttered work area
    •  Solid 25mm thick baseboard and 2mm edging strip for extra stability and even longer durability
    •  Translucent clampstrip for accurate work placement
    •  Trims the thinnest material with ease
    •  No material thickness adjustment required
    •  PRO12 – PRO30 models: up to 3.0mm cut capacity
    •  PRO36 model: up to 2.0mm cut capacity
    •  PRO42 – PRO54 models: up to 1.5mm cut capacity
    •  Flexible 2-way cut on PRO12 – PRO18 with user option on PRO20 – PRO54 models
    •  Colour user instructions on underside of baseboard
    •  Completely safe and easy-to-use by people of all ages


    FREE delivery to UK mainland (website orders)

     If you have any questions please contact Chilvers Reprographics on 01908 563149 / sales@chilvers.co.uk

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