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    March 08, 2024

    Specialists in a wide range of high quality Drill Bits

    Here at Chilvers Reprographics we invest in high quality drill bits stocked and supplied in a range of finishes such as HSS steel (high speed steel), Teflon, Tungsten and Titanium. Available to fit the majority of manufacturers paper drilling machines from bench top single head drills up to multihead power stroke models.

    HSS (high speed steel) High quality paper drill bits made from high speed steel (HSS)


    TEFLON / PVD coated drill bits reduce frictional heat build-up when drilling light plastic laminated work or difficult stocks.
    The coating acts as a lubrication on the surface of the drill which reduces melting of the plastic or paper due to friction heat reduction.


    TUNGSTEN coated drill bits are the hardest wearing with great frictional resistance this drill bits are very durable compared to standard drill bits. The ultimate long life drill bits and are ideal for difficult stocks.


    TITANIUM is a hard wearing coating suitable for heavy boards, recycled paper and laminated materials. Titanium also resists frictional heat build up.
    Available in standard fitting drill bits only in sizes 5mm and 7mm.


    Specialist drill bits for drilling cloth or blind materials are also available.


    Standard fitting paper drill bits will fit many makes of paper drill machines including Forest, Concord, Venus, Uchida, Babs, Morgana, Muro, Pesche, Kobold, Nagel, Citoborma, Stago, Oslo, Hang plus others. We also have a wide selection of drill bits to fit other makes of paper drills including Challenge, Spinnet, Iram, Lihit Minor, Lihit Major, SOAG, SPC etc

    Paper drill bits need to be replaced regularly to ensure quality hole drilling.

    Look after you drill bits with wax paper and drill sharpeners
    We suggest sharpening your drill bits after every hour of drill time however depending on your stocks you may need to be doing this more frequently. If the end of the drill bit becomes blackened or purple the drill bit should be thrown away. If your drill bits are blunt this might result in poor quality drilling due to the excessive force placed on the drill. We stock sharpening kits for sharpening all makes of paper drill bits up to 15mm diameter.

    Ensure you are using a clean rust free drill bit. Dirty and rusty drill bits do not allow the upward passage of chips, pressure built up by drill chips may cause a blocked drill bit to split and break (especiall on the smaller 2-4mm drill bits which are extremely delicate). We advise using wax paper with every use, this is an easy to use, cheap (from £6.45 for a pack of 10 sheets) and effective way to keep the drill bit lubricated both inside and outside to help ensure trouble free drilling.


    Simply place the wax paper on top of the stack before drilling (as shown in the above image) each sheet can be used many times until it is exhausted.

    We are one of the UK's largest stockist with thousands of drill bits in stock available for next day delivery to UK mainland, if you spend over £150 on our website you will be offered a free delivery option to uk mainland.

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