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    March 21, 2023

    Buying a binding machine?

    Slide binders, hinged rings and binding screws can all be done by hand but for most other types of binding you will require a machine. Staplers offer a simple and effective way to bind documents together however if you want a more professional looking finish you may want to look into other methods.

    Budget is always important but reliability can be critical so its important to get the right machine for your requirements. We supply most types of binding systems including perfect binders (hot glue), thermal binders, spiral/coil binders, fastback binders, wire binders, comb binders and spinetapers. It's also worth checking our our pre-owned binders where you can find some great money saving offers on used binders. All used machines are fully serviced and tested before being listed for sale.

    Some machines such as the Renz DTP-340M and the Magna Punch Pro have interchangeable punch dies which allow you to easily swap between different binding systems.

    Different types of Binding....

    Wire Binding
    A very popular binding option with a sturdy proffesional looking finish. Wire binding gives security to the document as it is difficult to add to once bound.

    Whats the difference between 2:1 & 3:1 pitch binding wires?
    2:1 binding means that the machine will punch 2 holes per inch (23 holes along the long side of an A4 sheet). 2:1 wires are available in sizes from 16mm (No.10) up to 31.8mm (No.20) and will bind up to 250-300 sheets of paper.
    3:1 binding means that the machine will punch 3 holes per inch (34 holes along the long side of an A4 sheet). 3:1 wires are available in sizes from 6mm (No.4) up to 16mm (No.10) and will bind up to 120 sheets of paper.
    Some binding machines such as the Wiremac Duo can take both 2:1 and 3:1 binding wires.

    Calendar Binding
    Any wire binding machine that uses the 3:1 pitch either round holes or square holes can be used in conjunction with a thumb-cut punch.

    One great machine for this is the Warrior calendar thumb cut punch. Just use the thumb-cut punch after punching the holes on your standard 3:1 wire binder. We have a selection of calender making packages available that include everything you need to get started.
    You can also check out our blog post on how to produce bespoke, professional looking calendars.

    Plastic Comb Binding
    This was very popular particularly with education such as schools and colleges. Binding combs are made from plastic and sizes range from 6 to 50mm they generally have 21 rings for A4 use. A good option for documents that may need to be added to or amended.

    High quality spine tape / Linen Tape on the spine of the book as its final binding will give a highly professional finish to documents/pads that have been stapled or glued. A common use for spinetape is cheque books, voucher pads etc.

    Coil or Spiral Binding
    This is a plastic coil or spiral that is used to bind a document. It's not so popular in the UK being a slower method than others, special crimping pliers are needed to cut and crimp each end of the coil after it's first been threaded or twisted through the holes in your document that need to be punch first. Another good option for documents that may need to be added to or amended.

    Fastback Binding
    Fastback binding is a thermal binding system that uses a machine to heat and apply ready-glued strips to the spine of a book or document, creating a strong and permanent binding. Fastback binding strips are available in 3 widths for different thickness documents, and a range of standard colours.

    Thermal Binding
    This offers simple drop and go binding there are no holes to punch, it works a little bit like a toaster. Binding covers have glue strip built into them simply insert sheets into the cover then drop the document into the binder, some machines can handle several document at once. A heat plate melts the glue and a timer buzzer alerts when done the leave to cool down. Covers can get expensive if your using high volumes.

    Perfect Binding (Hot Glue)
    Perfect binding (also known as hot glue binding) is a process by which hot glue is applied to the spine of a book and a wraparound cover is added to produce the finished book. Think Yellow Pages, Sales Brochure, Paperback Novel etc.

    Electric or manual?
    This really depends on how much binding you will be doing. Manually operated machines are perfectly suited to the lower volume user or home crafter but if you will be doing large amounts of binding an electric machine will certainly speed up production. If you only need a machine for low usage a simple to use manual machine would be sufficient and save you money! Budget is always important but reliability can be critical.

    If you would like any advise on binding options contact us on 01908 563149 and we will be happy to help.


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