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    March 02, 2023

    Buying a paper drill or punch?


    Paper drills are designed for drilling large amounts of stock. They are ideal for single hole or multi-hole drilling with single spindle, twin spindle and four hole drills available.

    A paper drill will give far better results than a paper punch due to the fact that a drill has an electric motor so you are drilling through the paper stack where as with a paper punch you are drilling through the paper. Most new paper drills will handle a 50mm stack. Another advantage of the paper drill is the ability to take many different diameter drill bits.


    How often should I sharpen or change my drill bit?
    This depends on the stock that you are drilling through but as a rule of thumb you should be sharpening after every hour of drill time with a sharpener kit. If the end of the drill bit becomes blackened or purple the drill bit should be thrown away.

    Short video on how to sharpen drill bits below...

    Should I use a lubricant?
    You should use wax sheets as this helps lubricate the inside and outside of the drill bit and helps to stop blockages. Simply place a wax sheet on top of the stack you are drilling and move it a little each time you drill a hole. DO NOT USE CANDLE WAX.

    Do all makes of paper drill take the same fitting drill bit?
    Sadly the answer is no there is around six different types of chuck fitting.
    You can check out our paper drill bits page that lists all the different types of drill bit fittings.

    What are the different types of paper drill bit?
    HSS (high speed steel) are probably used for around 90% of paper drilling
    TEFLON coated reduce friction heat build-up when drilling light plastic or laminated stocks.
    TUNGSTEN coated are the hardest wearing long life drill bits for difficult stocks.
    TITANIUM is a hard wearing coating suitable for heavy boards, recycled paper and laminated materials. Titanium also resists frictional heat build up.
    There are also specialist drill bits for cloth or blind materials. 


    Our wide range of Hole Punches include standard 2-hole punches, as well as single, 3, and 4-hole punches. We also stock heavy-duty, high performance electric models perfect for fast effective production of any manual, book, document etc


    Euro Slot Punch - Works just like a hole punch, makes a standard size 32 x 6.5 x 9mm size Euro Slot to allow you to hang your retail products on your POS display.

    ID Punch - Makes a standard ID size 13 x 3mm slot for ID badges and cards.

    Calendar Punch - Half-Moon thumb cut for Calendars.
    Half-Moon Punch - ( thumb-cut) needed for holding a business a card or similar in some display items.


     Here at Chilvers Reprographics we stock a selection of both new paper drills & punches and used/pre-owned paper drills & punches. If you would like any other advice contact us on 01908 563149 / sales@chilvers.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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