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Rotatrim Professional M Series Trimmers

Rotatrim Trimmers are a world leader in professional cutters. Ideal for print rooms, copy shops, schools, colleges and any office. Also popular within the photographic industry. Outstanding robustness and reliability are often cited as the main reasons why the Professional âMâ Series is the machine by which all others are judged. The Rotatrim professional range has nine models M12, M15, M18, M20, M34, M30, M36, M42 and M54.
A sturdy stand that now has an integrated transparent space saving waste catcher located underneath is an option available on the M30, M36, M42 and M54 models.
You can view a short video on the Rotatrim M series trimmers further down this page.

Rotatrim was formed in 1966 (just one year after us) with a vision to create the finest rotary trimmers. This philosophy continues to this day, using only the finest quality materials and hand assembled by highly skilled technicans to build exceptionally precise, durable and reliable trimmers. You can be assured of the absolute highest quality of craftsmanship.
  • More than 300,000 are in use worldwide.
  • Heavy duty built for constant use.
  • Self sharpening tungsten steel cutting blade wheel.
  • Automatic transparent clamp strip for grip and a clear view of cut line.
  • Twin chromedparallel glide rails for greater accuracy.
  • The base has a useful 10mm grid, plus 'A' sizes and metric/imperial scale.
  • Two way cutting on machines up to M18, user option to enable two-way cutting.

While there are cheap trimmers on the market, these can be false economy. Buy a Rotatrim Professional trimmer and you will invest in a machine that will last for many years to come. 

There is Rotatrim M series size to fit most needs


Model Cut Length mm Cut Length inch Overall Length mm Cut Capacity
List Price Discount Price

Rotatrim M 12

305 12 471 3 133.00 £119.00

Rotatrim M 15

382 15 537 3 149.00 £134.00

Rotatrim M 18

455 18 620 3 169.00 £152.00

Rotatrim M 20

508 20 670 3 185.00 £166.00

Rotatrim M 24

610 24 778 3 205.00 £184.00

Rotatrim M 30

763 30 928 3 251.00 £225.00

Rotatrim M 36

914 36 1080 2 287.00 £258.00

Rotatrim M 42

1068 42 1234 1.5 339.00 £305.00

Rotatrim M 54

1374 54 1539 1.5 400.00 £360.00


Models include the Rotatrim Professional M12, M15, M18, M20, M24, M30, M36, M42 & M54 Trimmer.
Stand and Waste Catchers are made to order, there may be a delay dispatching your order.


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