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    March 23, 2023

    Buying a Booklet Maker or Stapler?

    Chilvers Reprographics supply a range of staplers and booklet making machines from the small pad staplers to the superfast booklet making systems with trimmers. We also stock a selection of used staplers and used booklet makers.

    Do you require pad stapling, booklet stapling or both?
    Some stapling machines can do both by raising or lowering the table and accepting a range of staple sizes. The Rapid 106, Nagel Multinak FS, Nagel Multinak S and Grafcut X-14 are a few examples.




    The Multinak fs and the Multinak S electric twin head floor standing staplers (shown above) are primarily for pad stapling but can also be used for saddle/booklet stapling by simply flicking over the table.

    If you are solely producing pads the Rapid Duax Stapler is ideal with one staple size for all your needs from 2-170 sheets. The robust Warrior heavy duty pad stapler is another great option that will staple pads with up to 210 sheets, this model is currently available for a bargain price of just £65 including 1000 free staples in each of these sizes - 23/6, 23/8, 23/10, 23/13, 23/15, 23/17, 23/20 & 23/23.


    What do the two sets of numbers mean on staples?
    The first number is the thickness of the staple wire and the second is the length of the staple legs (in mm).

    If you are producing small quantities of booklets by hand then either a long arm manual stapler (such as the Rapid HD12/16 long arm stapler) or an electric saddle stapler (like the very popular Rapid 106 including 10,000 free staples) may be all thats needed. A Rapid 106 twin rig speeds up the process a bit more as both staple heads are operated by one foot peddle).


    If you need to produce A4 landscape size booklets the Grafcut X-14 booklet/pad stapling machine is a good option, it will staple booklets from pocket size up to A3 (A2 folded) as well as pad stapling. As standard it has a single head staple unit or can be fitted with up to 4 heads for multiple simultaneous stapling using standard or loop staples.

    Whats the difference between a standard staple, a flat clench staple and a loop staple?
    Standard staple clench curves the legs leaving a small bump where the staple closes, flat clench staples bend and press both staple legs flat after they have gone through your booklet or document. Loop staples are ideal to use with ring binders as no hole punching is required.

                                                                                            LOOP FINISH


    For printers, copy shops, schools, colleges or anyone that produces larger quantities of booklets will know how time consuming this can be to do by hand. A good booklet maker will fold and staple your booklets saving you time with more automation like the Plockmatic BM60 for producing A5 to A6 size booklets, A4 to A5 size booklets or A3 to A4 size booklets or the Plockmatic 61 booklet makers for for A4 and A5 size booklets.


    Some booklet makers like the Duplo DBM-150, Kas 3000 and the Kas 640 also have optional trimmer units that can be added.


     We have some useful videos on booklet makers & staplers that you can check out on our YouTube channel.

    If you have any questions about booklet making options or need any advise contact us on 01908 563149 / sales@chilvers.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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