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    SPC Filepecker 60 Paper Drill NT

    The SPC Filepecker 60 paper drilling machine has been updated with the SPC 60 NT (new table) version. This incorporates both the universal adjustable stop gauge bar and the pre-programmed bar on a carousel.

    The SPC 60 NT paper drill is super quiet in operation and to save energy the motor auto stops at the rest position. It's capable of drilling up to a full ream 500 sheets of paper. The paper drill bits are available in sizes from 3 to 9mm. Also the SPC Filepecker 60 NT comes as standard with a sharpener kit, tool kit and two 6mm drill bits. No wonder it's our best selling paper drill. It's the ideal paper drill for printers, reprographic departments, schools/colleges and offices. 

    • Drill depth 62mm (500 sheets) dependent on drill bit diameter size.
    • Unique highly versatile table stop with programme bar plus adjustable stops bar.
    • Extremely quiet in operation.
    • Easy adjustment of the drill depth.
    • Back stop adjustable to 60mm.
    • Energy saving feature as the motor only runs when the handle is pulled and auto shuts off when in the rest position.
    • Power saving, motor only runs when lever is pulled. 
    • Sliding table with adjustable stops.
    • Base board size 350 x 30 x 5mm
    • Ideal for multi-hole drilling.
    • Paper clamp bar.
    • Takes drill bit sizes 3-9mm (11 different sizes).
    • Drill bits made of high speed steel.
    • Teflon or Tungsten coated drill bits available to aid drilling of difficult stock.
    • Comes complete with a sharpener kit, tool kit and two drill bits.

    'We are the UK importer of SPC paper drills'