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  • Paper drill bit sharpening Kit for sharpening all makes of paper drill bits up to 15mm diameter (some cheaper kits only fit up to 9mm sizes).

    This kit includes a high quality tungsten carbide tip with metal holding base and honing stone (to remove any burrs after sharpening). 

    Helps to keep your drill bits in tip-top condition. Sharpen paper drill bits regularly, little and often works best. The sharpener is easy to use either with the drill bit in the paper drill or manually off the machine. If sharpening under power on the paper drill only a very light action is required. 

    This high quality paper drill sharpener will give you years of use and is a must have for all paper drill users.

    Our paper drill bit sharpening kit is ideal for use with most makes including Nagel, Stago, Forest, OMM, SPC, Challenge, Soag, Lihit, Hang, Oslo, Uchida etc.

    The video below shows a slightly older style drill sharpener kit, the current sharpener kit works in exactly the same way.