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Cyklos KG 320 Creaser-Perforator-Thumb-cut

The new Cyklos KG-320 is a unique multi purpose machine with three functions in one machine. Function one creasing with three crease widths, function two perforating, function three thumb-cut (half moon cut). Can be used for production of staple-fold cover binders where inside sheets can be stapled but also allows the cover to fold open.

This machine can also be used for the thumb-cut (half moon cut) needed for holding a business a card or similar in some display items by simply removing one of the thumb-cutters and then doing two punches (one up and one down).

Please view video futher down this page that shows some of the many different features of this new machine.

  • Paper size up to SRA3 or 320mm width.
  • Creasing 80 - 400gsm.
  • Perforating 60 - 250gsm.
  • Creasing bar widths 0.9mm, 1.1mm and 1.5mm
  • Thumb-cut (half moon cut) either one or two can be used, size is approx 20mm across at the top and 15mm down
  • Machine dimensions 470 x 370 x 370mm
  • Machine weight 12KG