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    SPC SFP-II 4 Hole Punch

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    Ideal for punching paper for thick ring binders as you can punch bigger holes than a standard hole punch. This makes it easier to turn the pages over. This is a heavy duty hole punch built to last. Ideal for two or four hole punching. Optional puching bits available in diameter sizes 5 to 8mm. Punch bits fitted as standard are 6mm.
    • Punches four holes with standard 80mm centres.
    • Two hole punching by removing outer punch bits.
    • Can also do three hole 108mm centres.
    • Up to 300 sheet capacity (30mm).
    • Adjustable side stop can take up to A3 size paper.
    • Adjustable back margin.
    • Optional extra punches available in hole sizes 5 to 8 mm.
    • Comes with 1 x base board
    • Solid heavy duty construction weight 18 Kg.

    As you can see on the short video below it's better if the punch is not to high in order to put pressure on when punching.