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    August 13, 2019

    Choosing the right laminating machine...

    A good laminator is an investment so you want to make sure you buy the right one. 

    Chilvers Reprographics stock a selection of laminating machines from desktop pouch laminators to heavy duty machines, we offer a comprehensive range of new and used models to suit any budget whether you are looking for a machine for low use at home (up to 5-10 sheets per day) something for regular use in schools, colleges and offices (up to 15-20 sheets per day) or a machine for high volume use in copy shops, print rooms, commercial printers and reprographics departments (25+ sheets per day). 

    You will need to consider how much it will be used and what kind of stocks you will be using it for.  In this guide we will outline the main advantages of each type of laminating machine to help make your decision easier. 

    Encapsulating or Laminating, whats the difference?

    Encapsulating is generally for protection, the film pouch is larger than the sheet size covering both sides and has a border of film around the edges, this forms a complete seal around the edge so single sided laminating is not possible.
    Film or pouches for encapsulating are quite thick and available in Gloss or Matt.

    Laminating is primarily for enhancement and can be single or double sided, the film used is smaller than the sheet size. Very thin films can be used especially on single sided lamination. Trimming or guillotining will be required after laminating.
    Laminating films are available in Gloss, Matt or Soft touch.


    Pouch Laminating Machines
    Simple to use, sheets are inserted into a pouch and then hand fed into the laminator. The pressure and heat seal the pouch closed for a perfect bubble free finish allowing you to laminate photos, certificates, report covers, documents, ID Cards etc with a high quality finish. Some of the newer encapsulating laminators don't even require an operator, simply load up, press go & walk away!

    Single side is not possible with pouch laminators.
    Ideal for use at home, in schools, colleges, garden centres, offices or print room etc



    Roll Laminating Machines
    A heated roll laminating machine uses heated rollers to melt glue extruded into the rolls of lamination film whilst pressure forces the glue onto the material and seals it.  It is the perfect solution for short or longer runs the sheets to be laminated are fed through the system either manually or automated (depending on the model) making it perfect for laminating documents quickly and efficiently.  Single & double sided lamination possible depending on the model.
    Some roll laminators have auto feed and auto cut features plus optional perforators to add increased production by making the separation of laminated sheets quick and simple.
    Ideal for offices, schools, copy shops, print rooms, government departments etc


    Digital Laminating Machines
    Roll laminators can't always handle the output from digital print engines due to the way the machines apply the ink and toner to the media. Coated and gloss paper types are popular when used with digital print output causing adhesion issues if not used with the highest quality laminator film such as UltraBond.
    Perfect for Copy Shops, Digital Printers, Print Finishing companies and Reprographics departments.


    Wide Format Laminating Machine
    As the name suggests these are generally used for wide format posters, maps and banners etc.  The rollers apply even pressure to the stock, giving you a perfect permanent lamination every time. They also lift up to allow you to laminate everything from a single sheet of paper up to 5mm thick mounting board.
    Ideal for Copy Shops, High Street printers and Commercial print companies.



    Laminator + Foiling Machines
    Foiling is a cost effective option in comparison to more expensive traditional foiling methods where a die block is required. Heat activated foils are used to create special holographic/metallic effects. Systems that add these special effects during the finishing process give prints that extra 'wow' factor, perfect for high end bespoke print.


    The MultiLam FX offers single and double sided laminating with the option to incoroprate the ability to add foil finishes. Other machines such as the Matrix pneumatic models also have an optional foiling unit. 
    We stock Gold, Silver and Clear Spot UV Foils as well as Glitter Laminates in Gold and Silver.


    It's important to factor in accessories when purchasing a laminator. Chilvers stock a wide range of high quality laminating pouches, roll, film and foil available for next day delivery as well as a selection of spare parts.

    If you wanted to speak to one of our team about laminating give us a call on 01908 563149 or drop us an email at sales@chilvers.co.uk

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