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Rotary Trimmers, Paper Trimmers & Guillotines....What's the difference?

April 24, 2019

Rotary Trimmers, Paper Trimmers & Guillotines....What's the difference?

A pair of scissors are great for what there designed for but they have limitations! Need something better and faster?
Maybe it's time to invest in a paper cutting device.

Obviously budget is something to consider but its always useful to think about how often and how much you will be cutting, what kind of stocks you will be using and how much space you have available.

There are quite a few different types and models of paper cutters and trimmers on the market, heres a handy guide to help you make the right choice for your cutting requirements.

As the name suggests these have a rotary blade that slides from side to side, ideal for the low volume user to trim photographs, laminated prints, canvas, photo film, craft projects and more as well as large scale cutting for banners, posters etc
Maximum cutting sizes from 305mm (12") up to 2550mm (100").

Ideal for lower volume use and popular with craft centres, clubs, schools, offices and mailrooms. Some models can cut up to 40 sheets at a time.
Maximum cutting sizes from 340mm (13") up to 1100mm (43").



Popular with small copy shops, schools, colleges, offices etc.
Will cut a larger stack of paper at one time up to 20mm (200 sheets) on the Trimfast 430 and up to 70mm on the Ideal 4705.



Used for high volume cutting. Popular with commercial printers, copy shops, colleges, government departments, MOD, Corporate in-plants etc
A larger stack of paper can be cut at one time with high accuracy, which is one of the main advantages of these guillotines, speed is another. Hydraulic guillotines give the best performance and accuracy for commercial use.

Maximum cutting sizes from 430mm (16.5") up to 720mm (28.5").


These are mostly for the sole purpose of cutting business cards, membership cards etc. They take the hard work out with less room for any cutting errors.
Either 10 up from an A4 sheet or 21 up from an SRA3 sheet.


View our full range of Guillotines, Trimmers and Business Card Cutters here.

Here at Chilvers Reprographics we can answer any questions you might have before you buy. We have been working closely with some of the worlds top manufacturers for many years and as an independant company we are not tied to any one manufacturer or brand, this means we can offer you an unbiased opinion and a better choice.

Contact us today on 01908 563149 or sales@chilvers.co.uk

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