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    Foil & Spot UV film

    Foils and Spot UV effect film for the Matrix 370, Matrix 530 plus the MultiLam Foil FX machines. Width sizes in either 315mm or 445mm and length 100 meters. (Prices listed are for one roll)

    Please note your Matrix laminator must be fitted with the optional foiling unit to use these films.

    The Matrix Pneumatic systems can create foiling and spot UV-style effects, in 4 easy steps:

    Step 1 - Print your background image. This should include all parts of your design that you DO NOT want to Foil or Spot UV.

    Step 2 - Laminate your background image with your desired laminating film. The film must be Corona Treated.

    Step 3 - Feed your laminated sheet back through your printer and print the required image/text you wish to foil or spot UV onto it.  Your foiling image must be set as 100% black. For a spot UV image the print can be any colour or mixture of colours.

    Step 4 - You can now feed your print back through the Matrix. The foiling film will adhere to the black toner/ink. Spot UV-style film will adhere to the toner/ink, whatever colours have been used.

    *For foiling without laminating the paper first. Please skip steps 1 & 2, you will still create the same bespoke finish.