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    Grafcut X-14 Booklet/Pad Stapling Machine

    The Grafcut X-14 Stapling machine (also known as a Cyklos PB-100) is a professional machine for stapling flat pads or saddle stapling folded booklets up to A3 (A2 folded).

    The Grafcut X-14 is Ideal for producing A4 landscape size booklets.

    The X14 as standard has a single head staple unit or can be fitted with up to 4 heads for multiple simultaneous stapling using standard or loop staples.

    The machine is capable of stapling up to 55 sheets of 80 gsm paper with a single standard head or 55-100 sheets with the optional high capacity head, both staple heads give a 'flat clench' finish.

    In addition to the robust and well engineered construction the machine has been uniquely designed for the modern 'on demand' print room or finishing department with no adjustment necessary for different thickness. The machine therefore requires very little training and is immediately easy to operate and set up for fast and accurate stapling of booklets, pads, headers, calendars and general documents .

    The X-14 is ideal for low runs of bespoke work up to larger runs of several thousand booklets, pads or retail packaging.


    • Quality and robust European manufactured product..
    • Easy set up and immediate operation.
    • Fast and accurate for reliable 'on demand' production.
    • Extremely quiet in operation.
    • Flat pads or saddle stapling folded booklets.
    • Ideal for A4 landscape size booklets.
    • Saddle stapling booklets from pocket size up to A3 (A2 folded).
    • Free standing 'hands free' foot electric pedal activated.
    • Standard head up to 55 sheets (80gsm). 
    • Staples 24/6 and 24/8mm or 24/6 and 24/8mm loop.
    • Optional high capacity head for 55-100 sheets(80gsm) using 24/10 and 24/13mm staples.
    • Up to four stapling heads can be fitted with minimum distance between heads 48mm


    • Electrics 230v/50Hz
    • Speed 88 cycles per minute
    • Magazine capacity 300 staples
    • Weight 33kg
    • Dimensions 540 x 535 x 930mm

    The Grafcut X-14 Stapler is ideal for larger size Booklets