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    Rapid 106 Twin Electric Stapler (10,000 FREE Staples)

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    The Rapid 106 twin rig is ideal for booklet stapling on small or large stocks. The main advantage of the Rapid 106 twin rig is that both machines are operated by one foot peddle, this makes booklet making simple, quick and easy. The position of the staples can be adjusted for different size booklets using the standard Rapid 66/6 or 66/8+ staples or for loop staples there is an option staple head available.

    The Rapid twin rig is ideal for standard size booklets plus odd sizes that many automatic booklet makers are unable to do.

    • Two staplers linked with kit.
    • Ideal for saddle stapling booklets.
    • Clamps to the edge of desk or bench.
    • Flat or saddle (booklet) stapling.
    • Up to 50 sheets 80gsm flat/edge or saddle stapling.
    • Up to 20 sheets 80gsm loop stapling.
    • Minimum distance between staples 50mm.
    • The stapling power is adjustable.
    • Adjustable side guides.
    • Plug-in foot-switch booklet stapling or back stop switch for edge stapling.
    • Optional staple heads to take thicker Rapid 44/6 and 44/8+ staples.
    • Optional staple head to take loop staples.

    Multi machine linkups available two, three or four staplers