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  • FSP250-BLACK-22

    Spine Tape (Linen Tape)

    High quality spine tape with an embossed cloth effect finish, for manual or machine use. Spine tape is frequently used for cheque book style or gift voucher books to provide a professional finish.

    Spinetape is also known and Linsen tape.

    Spine tape provides an attractive bound finish to documents or pads that have been stapled stitched or glued. Spine tape has a low tac adhesive to come off the roll easily and binds fully with paper after approximatley 5 minutes.

    Options available 25mm (1"), 38mm (1-1/2"), 50mm (2") or 75mm (3") - Colours available, Black, White, Red, Blue or Green - Please select option from list above.

    25mm - 6 Rolls per box
    38mm - 4 Rolls per box
    50mm - 3 Rolls per box
    75mm - 2 Rolls per box

    50 metres per roll

    Available X 1 box or bulk purchase price X 5 boxes.