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    Ideal-EBA 7260 Electric Guillotine

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    The IDEAL 7260 is the flagship of the IDEAL range and is a fully configured professional guillotine able to handle all types of work up to B2 in format. Hydraulic clamp drive offers infinite control over the stack while HSS Soligen Steel blade offers long life with a swinging cutting action. Air tables ease the movement of the stack into position by blowing air up through the stainless steel bed, while optional side tables allow stacks to be positioned to increase throughput. It adds up to a versatile guillotine to meet all cutting needs.
    The IDEAL 7260 is a highly efficient cutting tool with programmable settings, air tables, EJECT function and preclamping mode to offer efficient and accurate operation and ensure that the guillotine is not a business bottleneck. In addition a self diagnosis system pinpoints a fault which needs attention. The IDEAL Safety Cutting System includes the latest infrared safety curtain at the front while a transparent cover protects the rear of the guillotine.
    The air jet table makes light work of moving heavy stacks of paper, while programmable control and rapid back gauge movement make cutting complex jobs straightforward. Job settings can be stored for recall from a memory key. For delicate work the hydraulic clamp provides absolute control over the pressure applied to hold the stack while an optical cutting guide ensures that the stack is correctly lined up before cutting. An electronic handwheel offers precision control over back gauge movement. The swing cut action is gentler on the paper to give a true clean cut.
    Light beam guards save valuable time and money they are very common on very large guillotines, on smaller electric guillotines a plastic guard is normal. These can really slow down production where as a light beam guard can drastically improve production speeds.
    • Cutting length - 720mm
    • Cutting height - 80mm - 78mm with false clamp
    • Narrow cut - 20mm - 90mm with false clamp
    • Table depth - 720mm
    • 99 programmes
    • Air table
    • Power back gauge
    • IR safety curtain
    • Electro mechanical cut
    • Hydraulic clamp
    • Electronic control module
    • Optional side tables
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