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    SPC-60 / Filepecker / Deepol III-60, IV-60 TEFLON Paper Drill Bits

    TEFLON / PVD drill bits to fit SPC-60 / Filepecker / Deepol III-60, IV-60 paper drills. Sizes 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7 and 8mm.

    Image above shows various size SPC-60 TEFLON / PVD paper drill bits.

    Teflon / PVD coated bits that reduces frictional heat build-up when drilling light plastic laminated work or difficult stocks. The Teflon acts as a lubrication on the surface of the drill which reduces melting of the plastic or paper due to friction heat reduction.

    Please see picture to ensure that the chuck fitting is the same as your SPC paper drill bit.

    WARNING: The small drill bits (3mm to 4mm) are extremely delicate. There are no returns for brakage on the small drill bits.

    Please note drilling depth is 60mm for the Filepecker SPC 60 / Filepecker 60 / Deepol III-60, IV-60 Twin Spindle paper drills in sizes 6 to 8mm but is much less in the smaller sizes.

    Advantages of a paper drill - Electric paper drills have the ability of drilling a wide range of stocks in many differant hole sizes.

    Please Note: These drill bits will not fit the LS model

    If a mixture of sizes are required please add them to your basket individually with the quantity you require.