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    Rapid 5080 Stapler

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    The Rapid 5080 electric stapler is ideal for any office, printers, copy shop or education market. Electronic stapler has cassette loading (5,000 staples, same type of staple regardless of number of sheets). Guaranteed for 500,000 stapling operations (wear parts replaced with each fresh cassette). The Rapid 5080 has an adjustable stapling depth and precise stapling of up to 80 sheets. Simple loading. Reload requirement indicated well before staples run out. Extremely quiet action and low vibration.

    When purchasing a Rapid 5080 from Chilvers Reprographics you get on staple cartridge included in the package.
    • Staples up to 80 sheets (80 gsm).
    • Flat-clench staples for neater look and better hold.
    • Staple cassette holds 5000 staples - Available to order here.
    • Extremely long service life, as the cassette holds wearing parts.
    • Adjustable depth up to 50 mm (back-stop).
    • Low staple light.
    • Extremely quiet in operation.