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    Rapid 106 DIGITAL Electric Stapler (10,000 FREE Staples)

    The Rapid 106 stapler is made in Sweden by Isaberg Rapid. Here at Chilvers Reprographics we personally upgrade the original Rapid 106 stapler to the new DIGITAL version with a heavy duty 44/ staple head using a thicker gauge staple. The new Rapid 106 DIGITAL Stapler is ideal for booklet stapling, edge stapling on a range of hard digital stocks and gloss art paper.

    The Rapid 106 DIGITAL is another version of the popular Rapid 106 model. There is a simple drop-down table to enable either edge stapling with an adjustable back stop that triggers the staples or with the table down for saddle/booklet stapling using a foot-switch to activate the staples. There are pull-out arms for accurate registration and a wheel to adjust the power. 

    • Heavy duty ideal for digitally printed stocks and art paper.
    • We personally upgrade the original 106 to the new DIGITAL version.
    • Whisper quiet stapling.
    • Clamps to the edge of desk or bench.
    • Flat or saddle (booklet) stapling.
    • Up to 50 sheets 80gsm flat/edge or saddle stapling.
    • Back stop depth is adjustable up to 100mm.
    • The stapling power is adjustable.
    • Adjustable side guides.
    • Plug-in foot-switch booklet stapling or back stop switch for edge stapling.
    • Optional staple head to take loop staples.
    • Multi machine linkups available.


    'Chilvers Reprographics are one of the UK's longest established Rapid stapler dealerships. We personally upgrade the original Rapid 106 stapler to the new DIGITAL version'

    Foot switch included