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Magnum MCC-35A Creaser / Perforator / Cutter (With Air Feed)

The Magnum MCC-35A is a 3-in-1 system that allows you to crease/cut and perforate. The MCC-35A allows you to create bespoke professional results with the 32 crease / perforates in one pass using the preset programs.

  • Max paper size 330x660mm
  • Supports laminated stock
  • 230mm Touch screen display
  • High speed job changeover with preset programs
  • Top vacuum feeding with central registion
  • New slide in type crease/perforate dies
  • Adjust slitter position precicely by gauge
  • Slit cassette micro adjustment
  • 50mm vacuum pile feeder
  • Mark reader for image drift compensation
  • Create up to 32 cut/crease/perforations in one pass
  • Easily exchangeable slide-in crease/perforate tools. Machine supplied with 12TPI Perf bar as standard.
  • Ultrasonic double feed detector
  • Infeed - Automatic
  • 100 - 350gsm paper
  • Interchangeable crease width (0.6, 1, 1.2, 1.4mm). Machine supplied with a 1mm Crease bar.
  • Slitting - 4 slitters / 2 side trimmers / 2 gutter slitter with fixed 8mm gap

Dimensions - 1680x580x1140mm / 116kg.