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    Magnum MCB-35 Business Card Cutter

    The Magnum MCB-35 is a heavy duty and accurate business card cutter. Sheets of card are hand-fed into the machine to produce standard size business cards.  It will cut 21-up business cards from an SRA3 size sheet, producing up to 144 cards per minute (6 sheets per minute). This business card cutter is a bench top machine to save on space or has the option of a mobile floor stand.

    Simple production of business cards in-house, this can save on time and costs whilst making business card cutting both quick and easy.

    Producing business cards using a traditional guillotine can be time consuming and, because of the number of cuts and handling, there is always a risk of errors or something going wrong.


    • Standard cutting configurations - 85x55mm / 90x50mm / 210x148mm (A5) / 297x210mm (A4).
    • Other sizes are also possible ie: 80x50mm.
    • Position adjustable slit heads.
    • Supports laminated stocks - chrome, uv coated etc.
    • Hand feed with central register.
    • 6 sheets per minute (SRA3) - 144 cards per minute.
    • In-feed size 210mm - 670mm.
    • Maximum paper thickness 400gsm.
    • Minimum paper thickness 150gsm.
    • Gutter slit 8mm.
    • Gutter cut 0 or 3-15mm.
    • Accuracy +/-0.2mm.
    • Output capacity 30mm.
    • Keyboard display.
    • Linear image shift.
    • Bench top machine with the option of a mobile floor stand (available for £350).
    • Voltage 230V/50Hz.
    • Dimensions - 973x572x322mm / Weight 44kg.

    Short video below showing the MCB-35 in action

    If you have any questions on this machine or business card cutting please give us a call on 01908 563149 to discuss.