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    Magnum MCC-35 Creaser / Perforator / Cutter (Semi-Auto Feed)

    The Magnum MCC-35 is a 3-in-1 system that allows you to crease/cut and perforate. The MCC-35 allows you to create bespoke professional results with the 32 crease / perforates in one pass using the preset programs.

    The machine is ideal for making of business cards which can incorporate a crease or a perforation within the business card cutting process, in one fully-automatic pass of a sheet. The cutting machine is also great for tickets, Invitations, menus, leaflets and many other possibilities.

    The card cutter is simple to use and set up with a wide range of paper stock. As well as the normal paper types from 100gsm up to 350gsm, it can handle UV Coated, Laminated and Chrome. With ease, you can select the width of the card by sliding the guides to their position without the need to change or purchase different cutting cartridges.

    With the MCC-35, a single-sheet is hand-fed into the machine to produce a standard business card. The cutters will trim the sides and gutters in a wide arrange of standard and custom sizes.

    • Max paper size 330x660mm
    • Supports laminated stock
    • Mark reader for image drift compensation
    • Create up to 32 cut, crease & perforations in one pass
    • Easily exchangeable slide-in crease/perforate tools. Machine supplied with 12TPI perf bar as standard.
    • Infeed - Semi Automatic
    • 100 - 350gsm paper
    • Hand feed with central register
    • Interchangeable crease width (0.6, 1, 1.2, 1.4mm). Machine supplied with a 1mm Crease Bar.
    • Slitting - 4 slitters / 2 side trimmers / 2 gutter slitter with fixed 8mm gap
    • High volume waste bin

    Dimensions - 1280x580x1300mm / 90kg.