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  • NEW...IDEAL The 56 Professional Guillotine

    October 13, 2021

    NEW...IDEAL The 56 Professional Guillotine

    The new Ideal 56's 15.6" giant touch screen ensures innovative control, programming and easy project management. Well-designed digital functions, intuitive controls, and easy to use:  This next-generation programmable powered guillotine –increases efficiency and productivity by working smarter. With IR light beam safety curtain and hydraulic clamp drive.

    Fully adjustable to user needs, with a cutting width of 560mm and a stack height of 80mm. This provides for increased operator efficiency and productivity by working smarter from the tablet-like display. The product incorporates an electro-mechanical precision blade drive and hydraulic clamp drive, along with an IR light beam safety curtain.

    Both programmable and manual back-gauge positioning are available, with a table depth of 560mm. The adjustable back-gauge can be used with narrow separations and plastic gliders. The clamp-bar has infinitely programmable adjustment for total control of the required clamping pressure, which can be entered via the touchscreen. An electronically controlled false clamp plate, ideal for delicate work, optimises the distribution of the clamping force where required.

    15.6“ MULTI-TOUCH DISPLAY  Functional graphical user interface for intuitive tablet-like work and clear main screen with intelligently split display. The tilt adjustable display can be ergonomically adapted to body height and lighting conditions.

    SCS SAFETY PACKAGE  Maximum operator safety and cutting convenience: Electronically controlled IR light beam safety curtain on the front table – with status indication (red/green) in the display and the blade activation buttons ensuring safe twohand cut release).

    EASY-TOUCH CUT ACTIVATING  Safe true two-hand operation: A cut can be executed conveniently and safely by means of the EASY-TOUCH blade activating buttons with integrated optical signals indicating the operational status.

    CUT CONTROL  Completely transparent: In the separate program editing window, the current cutting programme is displayed with the respective programme steps. The separately editable individual steps are numbered consecutively and the display runs while the steps are being processed.

    PRECISION DRIVE  The manual fine adjustment of the backgauge ensures maximum precision – user-friendly via the ergonomic control element at the front of the machine.

    HYDRAULIC CLAMP  The hydraulic precision drive is not only precise, but also very convenient: the clamping pressure is infinitely adjustable and programmable via touch.


    • Cutting length - 560mm
    • Cutting height - 80mm - 77mm with false clamp
    • Narrow cut - 15mm - 60mm with false clamp
    • Table depth - 560mm
    • Power back gauge
    • Independant mechanical foot clamp
    • IR safety curtain on front table
    • Electric cut
    • Hydraulic clamp
    • East to use touch pad programming with 15.6" multi-touch display.
    • Safe blade change
    • Optional side tables & cladding panels for stand (see below image)

    Dimensions H-1523 x W-979/1779 with side tables x D-1211mm / 315kg

    Call now on 01908 563149 for our best discounted introductory deal on the new Ideal guillotine range.

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