New Range of Laminators...

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New Range of Laminators...

Introducing a new range of two compact desktop digital laminating machines, the Multi-Lam Foil FX and Multi-Lam Burst. This new range incorporates many features normally found on far larger and costly semi-automated laminating systems in a compact desktop design, offering very high quality laminating with either foiling effects or sheet separation/burst.

Both variants include the high quality, high pressure Chrome Impact Laminating Roller with 1,400 Watt Infra-Red Heater and accurate integrated thermal measuring probe which ensures perfect temperature control at all times. These machines offer high performance, high speed single & double sided laminating with integrated 18 stage Anti-Curl bar at speeds up to 4.8 metres per minute. Traditional encapsulation is also possible if required for sheets up to 330 mm wide and films up to 250 Micron.

Operators are assured control of the Multi-Lam series with the integrated table sensor, this Infrared Sensor is located directly before the Chrome Impact roller and will stop the machine if a sheet is not present at the input, this simple mechanism ensures that you cannot run the machine without material passing through. The importance of this mechanism becomes clear on single sided applications as without media in the machine the film exposes to the lower roller and wraps around creating a costly and awkward to remove jam on the machine. Standard desktop machines do not have this mechanism which makes them more difficult to use and much slower to ensure that sheets can be fed reliably to avoid errors.

The Multi-Lam Burst offers a semi automated single or double sided laminating solution with the ability to burst or split each sheet as they exit the machine, this creates a finished layflat sheet ready for guillotining. An integrated Perforation device on both the top and bottom roller punctures the film as it is unwound and fed in to the machine, the burst tool is positioned between the front and rear pull rollers and simply splits the sheet using an impact roller before neatly delivering the materials into the catch tray.

The Multi-Lam Foil FX also offers a semi automated single or double sided laminating solution but without the burst function. Instead the Foil FX is designed to offer digital printers a low cost compact laminating machine which also incorporates the ability to foil, also known as dry coating. The Foil FX has a rewind on the machine exit which can be used for a number of functions, most popular is the ability for the rewind to remove the waste foil during the foiling, dry coating process. The location of the rewind enables the operator to feed laminated sheets which are then wound on to the rear roller, this automates the process and removes the need for a 2nd operator at the machine rear to split the sheets. As the roller also winds in reverse to the film webbing it also acts as a anti-curl mechanism for thinner materials, which can be split once the job is complete.The Multi-Lam Foil FX incorporates a high capacity re-winder on the machine exit which can be used to create the latest foiling effects, also known as dry coating. These effects have become the latest must have accessory for all digital printers with many of the traditional laminating manufacturers now promoting this technology at every opportunity. This technology is all about adding value, offering effects normally associated with specialist processes, now you can quickly and easily add many bespoke touches to your digital print work, requiring no special tools or training. There are many foil colours available including Gold, Silver and Holographic plus spot UV effect.  Dry coating is cost effective in comparison to more expensive traditional foiling methods.If you already have a foiling solution and just require a low to mid volume laminating solution for single or double sided laminating then the Multi-Lam Burst is the answer.

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