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Wiremac 3:1 & Thumb-cut punch Calendar Package 8

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The Warrior Wiremac 3:1 Calendar Package is the complete calendar kit which includes the highly versatile Warrior Wiremac 3:1 round hole binder, Warrior calendar/round corner kit, 250 wires, 250 hangers and wire cutters.

The Warrior Wiremac is simple and easy to use.  It can punch 3:1 round holes (4.5mm) being able to punch up to 18 sheets of 80gsm paper with a binding thickness of 120 sheets of 80gsm paper.

The Warrior Wiremac 3:1 Calendar package also comes with the Warrior Calendar Thumb Cut kit, this is a two in one machine with all the necessary accessories to produce calendars including the back stop and thumb cut punch. Once the calender thumb cut has been used throughout the calendar season you can change the die for the round corner and side stops which are included in the Calendar Thumb cut kit and use it the rest of the year.

Calendar binder/document binder /round corner cutter

  • Use machine year round for binding manuals etc up to 120 sheets 80 gsm paper.
  • Use with Warrior thumb-cut punch for Calendars.
  • Punches 3:1 round holes (4.5mm).
  • Punches up to 18 sheets 80gsm paper.
  • 14" (356mm) punching length - Open sides: Allows the punching of paper wider than 14"
  • Disengaging pins for odd size papers.
  • Adjustable side margin control.
  • Punching margin control.
  • Wire holder.
  • Adjustable wire closer.
  • Wire diameter scale to show wire size needed.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Metal construction.
  • 40 punching pins - All pins can be independently disengaged


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Package 8 Warrior Wiremac 3:1 plus Warrior Calendar Punch

Includes 250 Wires and 250 Calendar Hangers in Black, White or Silver + Wire Cutters FREE

Just £395




Register pin for over size paper

Short video below on the WireMac 3:1 Round Hole Wire Binder

Short video below of the Warrior Calendar Thumb Cut Punch