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    PACKAGE 1-1

    WB34 & Warrior Calendar Package 1

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    Use the WB 34 wire binder to bind manuals, documents, price lists etc up to 120 sheets (80gsm paper) or use with the Warrior calendar thumb-cut punch when making calendars. Calendars are very easy to make, full instructions with the package. The calendar package includes 250 wires and 250 calendar hangers FREE. You can view a short video further down this page.

    This is a professional calendar making machine and will give many years of service.

    'Complete calendar starter kit, 3 machines in 1,  Calendar binder/document binder/round corner cutter'

    Buy this calendar kit as a package and save over £200

    • Use machine year round for binding manuals etc up to 120 sheets.
    • Use with Warrior thumb-cut punch for Calendars.
    • Use Warrior punch for round corner cutting.
    • 3:1 punch pitch (round holes).
    • Punches approx 10-15 (80gsm) sheets per punch.
    • Wire closer, up to No 9 wires.
    • Micro side lay for easy side stop adjustment.
    • Cut-off pin for A5 size(long edge).
    • Document thickness gauge, simply insert manual to find what size wire to use.
    • Calendars A4 long or short edge. A3 size short edge portrait.
    • All metal construction.

    Package 1 WB-34 plus Warrior Calendar punch

    Includes 250 wires and 250 Calendar hangers + wire cutters + 1 round corner die FREE