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  • Vega-OMM Automatic Spine Tape Machine

    Using the Vega-OMM automatic spinetaper is a fast way to apply spinetape to pads or book producing up to 1200 books per hour.

    Manufactured in Italy this machine is ideal for producing cheque book style voucher pads, delivery note books, invoice pads etc. It is a much quicker than trying to apply the tape by hand plus there is a much more consistent finish.

    • The Vega is equipped with a speed regulator allowing to reach a maximum production of 1200 pieces per hour.
    • Provides an attractive bound finish to documents/pads that have been stapled or glued.
    • Book thickness from 5mm to 30mm. The length can be infinate.
    • By using blocks with the same thickness is not necessary to previously adjust the length for the cut of the tape, as the machine automatically cuts to the correct length.
    • Takes 25mm, 38mm, 50mm & 75mm wide spinetape.
    • All sheet-steel fire painted construction.
    • 230V single phase.
    • Dimensions - L-1090mm x W-400mm x H-550mm / 90kg.

    Spine tape is available in colours: Black, White, Red, Blue and Dark Green.

    Please note this is a non stock item built to order, a lead time will apply.

    Short video below showing the Vega-OMM spinetaper.