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  • ROTAFAST-330

    TrimFast Rotary Paper Trimmers

    The TrimFast range of rotary paper trimmers are built to an extremely high standard and are simple and safe to operate. The TrimFast features a single rotary blade, automatic clear clamp and blade guard making it ideal for any copy shop, printers, school and many more.

    • Cuts paper, laminating film or foil with smooth sliding action
    • Made to a high standard
    • Simple and safe method
    • Rotary blade with clear automatic clamp

    The TrimFast 960, 1300, 1500 and 2000 models all come with a free stand and waste catcher as main picture shows above placing the trimmer at an optimal working height. The stand is constructed from a steel frame and is simple a easy to assemble.


    TrimFast 330 (A4) 330mm 0.7mm / 7 sheets 210 x 435
    TrimFast 360 (A4) 360mm 1.5mm / 15 sheets 315 x 546
    TrimFast 670 (A2) 670mm 1.2mm / 12 sheets 315 x 856
    TrimFast 960* (A1) 960mm 1.0mm / 10 sheets 315 x 1145
    TrimFast 1300* (A0) 1300mm 0.7mm / 7 sheets 315 x 1486

    TrimFast 1500*

    1500mm 0.7mm / 7 sheets 315 x 1695

    TrimFast 2000*

    2000mm 0.7mm / 7 sheets 315 x 2195

    * = Includes stand and waste catcher as seen in picture above.
    Please note the TrimFast range is not intended to cut board.