Renz DTP-340M Wire Binder

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The Renz DTP 340 M is a desktop high performance punching machine.

The Renz DTP-240M is capable of punching for wire 3:1 & 2:1 (square or round holes) and 2:1 oblong holes. Calendar, plastic comb, coil and 2 & 4 hole ringbinder dies are also available. Completely versatile Modular system by adding the closing unit to the front of the machine to match your punching choice, closing modules available for wire, comb and coil. Please select your option from the dropdown box.

This compact machine take very little space due to its modular make up. Modules can be quickly interchanged, the die change takes less than 1 minute. Punching speeds up to 20.000 sheets per hour. Perfect for fast effective production of any manual, books, documents whether wire, comb or coil bound.

Whether upgrading from a manual punch machine and looking to speed up production or simply have a requirement for a fast electric punch for your binding needs the Renz DTP-30M is a great buy.

'Chilvers Reprographics official UK Renz dealer for over 25 years'

  • Heavy duty high performance electric punch.
  • Punches up to 35 sheets.
  • Fast punch cycle, punches up to 20,000 sheets per hour (80gsm).
  • Foot switch operation.
  • Interchangeable punch dies.
  • Change punch dies in less than 1 minute without tools.
  • Punch tools available for all loose-leaf binding systems
  • Calendar die with thumb-cut available.
  • Modular machine. Modules available for Wire binding, Calendar binding, Plastic comb binding and Spiral binding.
  • Wire dies available for wire binding with round hole and square holes.

Please note no punching die's are included. Please phone us on 01908 563149 for latest deals


Renz DTP-340M

High performance electric punch.

All modules can be used separately or mounted on the DTP

WBS 360

Wire closer module with wire holder.

PBS 340

Plastic comb binding module.

CBS 340

Spiral inserting and crimping module.


4 hole punch die with option of 2 hole for ringbinders


Module holder

For use if modules are to be used separately as stand alone units.

Interchangeable dies

Dies are easy to change in less 1 minute.

Available for all loose-leaf binding including calendar die.

Wire binding dies available either square or round holes.



Price dependent on dies and other modules.