Renz DTP-340A Wire Binder


The renz DTP-340A is a semi automatic electric punching machine designed for fast punching of paper for most binding systems. The DTP340A is a revolution in punching with semi automated punching this machine can produce up to 30,000 sheets per hour. The machine uses an optic eye to detect the sheets inserted in the throat and then the DTP340A automatically punches and ejects the paper to the collection tray. The operator keeps loading the paper and the machine keeps punching, fast and simple.Punching dies are available for wire binding, calendar binding, plastic combs, spiral and a four hole/two hole ring binder. 

Up to 3 times faster than conventional punching. 

  • Heavy duty semi automatic punch.
  • Operator simply inserts paper the machine then punches and stacks it.
  • Punches up to 35 sheets.
  • Punching speed approx 1800-2000 strokes per hour.
  • Interchangeable punch dies.
  • Change punch dies in less than 1-2 minutes.
  • Punch tools available for all loose-leaf binding systems.

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Price dependent on dies and other modules.