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Duplo, PFI, Sunray 490 HSS Guillotine Blade

High quality high speed steel (HSS) guillotine blades (also known as a knife)to fit Duplo, PFI, Sunray 490 Guillotine.

610 x 85 x 8mm.

Our blades are a far superior quality to most others on the market, highly competitively priced compared to other lower quality blades. There are many other inferior quality guillotine knives on the market but they are false economy, these keep sharper for longer giving you less down time on blade changes and regrinds.

FREE delivery to UK mainland (website orders) 

Always keep at least one spare blade for your guillotine. Ideal for when a blade is being sharpened or you chip a blade half way through an important job. Most copy shops and printers rotate at least three blades for their guillotine.