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  • DUPD5BV541-1

    Duplo, PFI, Sunray Cutting Sticks (Pack of 5)

    High Quality guillotine cutting sticks to fit Duplo, DFI, Sunray guillotines.

    Each cut stick has 8 cutting sides 4 by revolving over and another 4 by turning the stick end on end. Guillotine cutting sticks need to be replaced regularly to maintain quality cutting.

    Sold in pack of 5.

    1000's of guillotine cutting sticks held in stock for next day delivery.

    Please select size from list above, lengths available:

    486 / 490 - 17mm x 17mm x 493mm
    660 - 17mm x 17mm x 665mm
    720 - 17mm x 17mm x 725mm