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    Warrior Electric Round Corner Cutter

    The new heavy duty Warrior round corner cutting machine is the premier electric round cornering machine combining state of the art manufacturing with an affordable cost.

    The Warrior heavy duty round corner is an ideal high productivity round corner taking up to 70mm stack height, approximately 700 sheets of 80gsm paper. This machine also includes a foot switch which allows you to keep both hands free to move your stock around quickly and efficiently. Patented blade die design allows the warrior heavy duty round corner to cut through most paper stocks.

    As well as round cornering with dies available for 3.5mm up to 16mm radius the Warrior is great for swing tickets using a straight cut die. There is also the option for Calendar thumb-cut punching.

    Key advantages of this round corner is that it is compact being at home on a bench top saving you valuable space, the machine is sturdily built weighing 50kg to give you years of service.

    'Save money, time and space with the highly productive Warrior heavy duty round corner cutter'


    Specification: weight 50kg, Width 32 x Depth 62.5 x Height 44.5cm, motor 200W

        Ideal for many uses:

        Swing tickets                         Round Cornering
        Business cards
        Playing cards
        Foam board signs
        Book covers
        Point of sale items
        Swing Tags
        Swing tickets
        Plus lots more...


        As an introductory offer we will supply one FREE R6 round corner cutter die.

        Additional blades and other spare parts can be purchased seperately here

        Chilvers Reprographics official UK Warrior dealer and sole UK importer of the Warrior heavy duty round corner cutter.

        Heavy duty round corner cutter in stock in the UK.


        If you have any questions please call 01908 563149 or email sales@chilvers.co.uk