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    Used / Pre-owned Plockmatic 310+ Collator Pro

    Used / pre-owned Plockmatic 310+ CollatorPro is a 10 station bench top collator with the capabilities to take up to an SRA3 sheet.

    The Plockmatic 310+ runs up to 2100 sets per hour of A4 80gsm paper.

    Ideal for NCR collating or booklet collating.

    The Plock can offset and straight stack, also another great feature is the Plockmatic 310+ can be linked to an online booklet maker.

    • 10 station collator.
    • Takes up to SRA3 size.
    • Up to 2100 sets per hour.
    • Full detectors on each bin.
    • Counting up or preset count down and batching.
    • Offset stacking or straight stacking.
    • Can be linked to on-line booklet-maker