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  • Used / Pre-owned Morgana/Plockmatic ACF-510 Collator

    Used / Pre-owned Morgana/Plockmatic ACF-510, 10 station collator in excellent condition.

    High capacity bin tower structure and features center registration. The ACF-510 Collator-Feeder hybrid with air-assisted separation. Will feed up to 4000 sets per hour in collator mode or up to 7000 sheets per hour in feeder mode. With maximum flexibility

    A new large size LCD display with easy to understand menus similar to the well proven VF 1008 user interface.  Depending on which of the 510 models you have, start by choosing feeder or collator mode, select type of finishing, set air flow (if applicable), hit the proof button and you are ready to go. Save frequent jobs in the memory and check statistics about jobs previously run. Adjust speed and overlap if needed to optimise productivity.

    Unlike all other friction feed systems on the market, the Morgana 510 ACF collator offers a unique air separation system. Each and all bins have fans blowing air into the stack from two sides that radically improves the feeding of statically charged or normally hard to feed stock. The air separation in the 510 Series lifts the feeding ability of digitally printed stock in a friction feed system to a new level. It is now close to the normally recommended vacuum feed systems but at a fraction of the cost.

    • 10 stations
    • Maximum paper size - 320mm x 450mm
    • Minimum paper size - 120mm x 210mm
    • Maximum paper weight - 250gsm
    • Minimum paper weight - 50gsm
    • Collating Speed - up to 4000 sets per hour
    • Stacker capacity - approx 28mm
    • Paper stacking options - Offset or straight
    • Feed error detection for - paper out, double feed, miss feed and paper jam and stacker full

    Short video below showing this collator running...