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    Used / Pre-owned Multigraf DCM 45 Creaser / Perforator

    The Multigraf DCM-45 is an industrial, high performance suction feed creasing/perforating machine. The main benefit is using two pairs of creasing shafts, which offer wide versatility for different jobs. The machine is of a heavy-duty construction and to avoid flexing, the shafts have been manufactured out of 36 mm diameter steel.

    Two pairs of shafts also allow the operator to fit several tools, which allows for more flexibility by positioning each tool to give a min. crease/perforating width of 0.5 mm. When difficult card stocks from 350 - 500 gsm then 2 creasing tools can be positioned "in line", resulting in a much sharper finish. 

    • This used machine has 1 creaser multi tool and 1 New perforating tool with 12, 25 and 52 TPI blades
    • Will take up to SRA3 paper
    • Max width 450mm
    • Max speed 30,000 sheets per hour
    • Stock weights from 40-500gsm

    There are many optional tools/dies available you can buy either Multigraf or Technifold including book cover creasing, perforating with different teeth per inch.

    Short video below of this machine in action.