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    Used / Pre-owned MAG 35E Electric Creaser

    Used/Pre-owned MAG 35E electric card creaser and perforator offers a 350mm working width and is designed for fast set up and easy operation. The MAG 35E comes as standard with creasing and perforating tools, and two back stops that ensure accurate and consistent results. The MAG 35E card creaser will efficiently crease or perforate card up to 350gsm. Heavy duty metal frame, built to give years of service. The MAG 35E also comes with optional foot pedal operation, feeing both hands to operator speed.

    The MAG 35E is ideal for creasing card, laminated material, menus, folders, CD/DVD inlays, scrapbooking and general print finishing from both digital and litho print. It can also perforate using the interchangeable perforating tool.

    • MAG 35E up to SRA3
    • Crease width of MAG 35E is 350mm
    • Two adjustable stops with extra magnetic hold
    • Fast,easy setup with indicator scales showing crease posistions
    • Ideal for both digital and litho print
    • Creases and perforates up to 350gsm paper