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Used / Pre-owned Morgana Junior Paper Folder with Perforator

Used / Pre-owned Morgana Junior suction feed paper folder with perforator unit & new perforating blade in excellent condition. 

The Morgana Junior has Dial-a-Fold plate setting with an LED display enabling adjustments to be made without removing any covers.

Digital fold plates and quick set-up chart makes it simple and easy to use making this compact folder ideal for any user. Will fold up to SRA3 paper and are ideal for the printers, copy shops, reprographics departments etc.

This is also an ideal machine for high speed perforating, includes perforating unit with new perforator blade. Optional extra perforator blades are available in 20T, 28T and 56T teeth.

  • SRA3 suction folder
  • digital fold plates
  • counter / batcher
  • Two fold plates
  • Speeds of up to 12,000 sheets per hour
  • Max sheet size: 450 x 320mm
  • Min sheet size: 104 x 139mm

Please note the below video is NOT the actual machine on sale this is for reference only