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    Used / Pre-owned Morgana FSN Numbering Machine

    Used / Pre-owned Morgana FSN numbering and perforating machine supplied with instruction and parts manual.
    The following parts have been replaced with brand new genuine manufacturer parts - Platen Roller, system switch, 2x ink transfer rollers, 28T perforating blade, anvil set, tool kit, 10x grub screws, 5x delivery tyres & new knobs.

    The FSN is an advanced suction feed rotary numberer. The Morgana FSN rotary numberer can be fitted with up to 8 heads fitted giving you the flexibility to number anywhere on the page.

    The movable scissor action perforator allows you to perf anywhere on your stock giving you a professional finish every time.

    The suction feed FSN system can achieve up to 9000 set per hour with a very quiet operation.

    FSN Rotary numbering

    • Suction feeder.
    • Up to 8 heads can be fitted.
    • Speeds up to 9000 sets per hour.

    The video below is NOT the actual machine on sale, the video is for reference only.