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  • Used / Pre-owned Matrix MX 370P Pneumatic Single Sided Laminator/Foiling

    Used / Pre-owned Matrix MX 370 Pneumatic (including optional foiling unit) can run up to twice the speed of our standard systems. Printers can laminate work even faster to get the job finished and back to the customer.

    Pneumatic pressure rollers allow you to laminate certain substrates up to 50% quicker, saving both time and cost.

    The Pneumatic option is produced in Britain which shortens our supply chains and lead times. Using the highest quality components within the systems, including Omron switches, Schneider electrics and British built Bambi compressors.

    The Matrix MX 370P gives you the ability to bring high performance lamination in-house meaning you can avoid costly set-up charges. Matrix offers you the ideal investment in finishing your digital print work - on demand - for brochures, menus, business cards etc.

    Films in a gloss or matt finish catering for large 1000m roll drastically reducing the cost per laminate.

    "The pneumatic system produces more pressure giving faster lamination and a stronger bond"


    Optional foiling unit

    Includes optional foiling and spot UV style addon. Similar to traditional foiling methods, the process to create these on-demand effects works by using heat transfer technology, but at a fraction of the cost of producing individual dies for each job. Systems that add these special effects during the finishing process give prints that extra 'wow' factor. These finishes are typically used on packaging, business cards, stationery, book covers, security print, wedding stationery and high end bespoke print. Using this system there is no pressure denting to stock as with traditional block foiling method.

    The best value single-sided laminators on the market, they're simple to use, easy to maintain, quick and reliable 


    • Laminates up to SRA3 (max sheet width 420mm)
    • Double sided laminating by running stock through both sides
    • Includes optional foiling unit
    • Quick set-up time
    • High speed performance
    • Semi-automatic feeder
    • Built in seperator - work comes off finished - ready for guillotine
    • Suitable for traditional offset and digital print
    • Side Lays ensure prints are fed centrally
    • Auto sheet register and overlap system via front guards
    • 25-42 micron film
    • Paper thickness 135gsm +
    • 10 metres per minute (approx)


    Below video for reference only.