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Used / Pre-owned Ideal 4350 Electric Guillotine

Used / Pre-owned IDEAL 4350 guillotine, including floor stand, tools, blade changing jig, jogger block, sharp blade, log book, manual and HSE certificate.

This one is in exceptional condition having very little use, it would be hard to find a better pre-owned one.

Could also be used as a bench top guillotine if needed.

It includes the full IDEAL Safety Cutting System feature package which covers transparent hoods over front and rear tables, two-hand operation, and automatic blade return. The IDEAL 4350 has a maximum cut depth of 40mm for 500 sheets of paper, electric clamp and hand operated back gauge with digital read out 

Why Buy?

Electric powered guillotine takes the strain out of cutting paper for low volume users, yet host of features including digital readout of back gauge positioning deliver accurate cutting performance. All metal construction with hardened steel blade guides delivers reliable performance. Safety features designed to make accidents impossible.

Transparent safety hoods guarantee safe operation with no loss of control over the cutting task. Electric clamp helps ease of operation while digital read out on back gauge means accurate positioning of the stack for cutting. Illuminated cutting line provides further reassurance that positioning is accurate. Cutting stick removal from the side is safe and simple, while blade changeover is also a fail-safe operation. 

Cutting length: 430mm
Cut height: 40mm
Narrow cut: 35mm
Table depth: 435mm


  • Digital display for accurate positioning of cutting line
  • Optical cutting line from LED lamps
  • Automatic clamp and cut
  • 40mm cutting depth
  • Maximum 430mm cutting length, 35mm minimum
  • Designed to handle formats up to A3
  • Cuts A3 on all sides
  • Easy change cutting stick

 Typical Applications

  • Cutting sheets of paper to required print size
  • Trimming finished print
  • Giving booklets or leaflets a professional finish
  • Finishing books up to 40mm deep

You may even be able to part exchange trade-in your old guillotine.

Complies with Health & Safety Executive Guarding; HSE safety certificate supplied with guillotine.

Please note the below video is NOT of the actual machine on sale, this is for reference only.

Please note the below video is NOT the actual machine on sale, this is for reference only. Showing both the manual and the electric guillotines 4305, 4315 and 4350 models