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    Used / Pre-owned Duplo DB-200 Perfect Binder

    Used / Pre-owned DB-200 perfect binder. Simplicity of operation makes the DB-200 ideal for short run books. The binding process includes a double pass over the notching system to ensure thorough glue penetration. Low maintenance and simple mechanics result in a reliable machine which operates on a bench top at up to 200 books an hour. The wrap around clamp and cover nipping table deliver a high quality product which belies the way it was produced. This is a user-friendly manual perfect binder that does not compromise quality.

    For such a small machine it offers a truly outstanding performance with Planamelt R adhesive. The new Planamelt R is a hybrid polymer glue which behaves like EVA and yet offers 95% of the binding strength of PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue.

    Perfect for the 'on demand' short run book market

    Very cheap cost per book (*Cost of glue per book) 

    Binding With & Without Covers

    The DB-200 offers two binding functions in one compact unit:

    (1) Padding, ideal for telephone pads, note pads, NCR pads.
    (2) Binding of books, manuals etc with wraparound cover (perfect bind).


    • Wraparound clamp press

    • Precision setting

    • Notching blade

    • Full safety compliance

    • Cover nipping table

    • LED display

    • 200 books an hour

    • 40mm spine thickness

    • 320mm maximum spine length

    • 50mm minimum spine length

    • Choice of operating modes


    Typical Applications

    • Soft cover perfect bound books

    • Adhesive bound catalogues

    • Note pads

    • NCR sets


    Please note the below video is for reference only, NOT the actual machine on sale