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Planamelt R-1

Planamelt R

Planatol Planamelt R Digital Hot Melt adhesive pellets used in perfect binding systems. Planamelt R is the very latest super EVA offering nearly the same binding strength as PUR (polyurethane reactive).

If your having issues with adhesion on digital prints why not try Planamelt R Digital hot melt adhesive -Available to purchase in 1kg or 10kg box.

Ideal to be used with the Duplo DB-200, DB280 and DB-290 or most other perfect binding machines using EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)glue. Planamelt R is designed to be as easy to handle and cost effective as EVA but with PUR like results, especially on digitally printed stocks.

  • Very good lay-flat characteristics
  • 13 N/cm 170 gsm
  • High oil resistance
  • Outstanding strength
  • Low odour

    Always perform a test run before commiting to a full run.

    FREE delivery to UK mainland on 10kg box (website orders)