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    TITANIUM Standard Fitting Paper Drill Bits

    Please ensure that your paper drill will take the drill bit diameter you select. Not all paper drills can take all the diameters listed.

    TITANIUM Standard fitting paper drill bits will fit many makes of paper drill machines including Forest, Concord, Venus, Uchida, Babs, Morgana, Muro, Pesche, Kobold, Nagel, Citoborma, Stago, Hang plus others.

    Titanium is the ultimate hard wearing coating suitable for heavy boards, recycled paper and laminated materials. Titanuium is hard wearing and resists frictional heat build up.

    Titanium Standard fitting paper drill bits available in 5mm & 7mm with a drilling depth of approx 50mm and a total length of 85mm. Other sizes available on request, please contact us on 01908 563149.

    Standard 11mm shank.