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    TEFLON / PVD Nagel, Citoborma Standard Fitting Paper Drill Bits

    PRICES STARTING FROM JUST £24.31 (Dependent on size)

    TEFLON / PVD Nagel, Citoborma standard fitting paper drill bits to fit various models of Nagel, Citoborma paper drills.

    TEFLON / PVD coated bits that reduce frictional heat build-up when drilling light plastic laminated work or difficult stocks. The coating acts as a lubrication on the surface of the drill which reduces melting of the plastic or paper due to friction heat reduction.

    Standard fitting paper drill bits with drilling depth of approx 25mm and a total length of 60mm in diameter size 2mm. Drilling depth of approx 30mm and a total length of 75mm in diameter sizes 3 & 3.5mm. Drilling depth of approx 40mm and a total length of 85mm in diameter size 4mm. Drilling depth of approx 50mm and a total length of 85mm in diameter sizes 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 9 & 10mm.

    WARNING: The small drill bits (2mm to 4mm) are extremely delicate. There are no returns for brakage on the small drill bits.

    Standard 11mm shank.

    Please ensure that your Nagel, Citoborma paper drill will take the drill bit diameter you select. Not all Nagel, Citoborma paper drills can take all the diameters listed.