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SPC Filepecker 60 Cloth/Blind Drill

The SPC Filepecker 60 cloth, blind, fabric drilling machine is ideal for single hole or multiple holes with the sliding table and adjustable stops. The SPC 60 cloth/blind drill is super quite in operation and to save energy the motor auto stops at the rest position. The cloth/blind drill bits are available in sizes from 4 to 6mm. Also the SPC Filepecker 60 cloth/blind drill comes as standard with a tool kit and one extra 6mm cloth/blinddrill bit.

It's the ideal cloth/blind drill for any manufacturer needing on demand drilling.

The SPC Filepecker 60 Cloth/Blind/Fabric drilling machine is exclusive to Chilvers Reprographics


  • Drill depth up to 50mm.
  • Extremely quiet in operation.
  • Easy adjustment of the drill depth.
  • Energy saving feature as the motor only runs when the handle is pulled and auto shuts off when in the rest position.
  • Power saving, motor only runs when lever is pulled.
  • Sliding table with adjustable stops.
  • Ideal for multi-hole drilling.
  • Cloth/blind clamp bar.
  • Takes cloth / blinddrill bit sizes 4-6mm.
  • Comes complete with a tool kit and one extra 6mm cloth/blinddrill bit.