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Revo Office - Automatic Laminator

The Revo Office Laminator offers an easy to use, compact, fully automated laminating machine with auto feed, auto laminate and auto cut.

It can produce up to 4 times more finished product than an equivalent high speed pouch laminator plus there is no need for an operator, simply load up to 200 sheets, press go & walk away.

An integrated cross cutting blade at the rear of the machine accurately cuts each finished sheet. No need to enter any data information, a highly sensitive paper sensor automatically detects the leading and trailing edge of each sheet and activates the cutter unit in that position. It will also automatically register different paper sizes so even if you are loading a mixed pile of paper sizes in the same pass each sheet would be delivered to the exit tray cut to the exact size for each sheet .

  • Automated feed system via friction roller with solanoid control.
  • Auto sheet length recognition
  • Auto sheet thickness recognition
  • Laminate up to A3, maximum sheet size 420 x 297mm
  • Minimum sheet size 210 x 148mm
  • Suitable for 60gsm - 250gsm stock
  • Laminate film types - Gloss / Matt
  • Film Thickness 50, 80, 100, 125 Micron
  • Warms up in 5 minutes
  • Automatic cross blade trimming - Cyclone cutter uses a rotating action to cut the laminates precicely as they travel through the machine in one continuous movement. The blade never goes blunt and requires no maintenance.
  • LCD display with easy use operation panel
  • Unique cassette system for easy loading of laminating films - Simply load the cassette and drop it in
  • Possible adjustments - front & rear margin 3-10mm
  • Produces up to 240 sheets per hour / 1 meter per minute (fixed)
  • Load up to 200 sheets - No need for an operator
  • Operating temperature 100-120C
  • Optional floor stand available

Ideal for schools, colleges, offices, copy shops, print rooms etc

Power supply 240V AC - 13 ampo Standard UK plug
H-337mm / W-506mm / D-680mm - Weight 35kgs