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    Multigraf CP375

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    The new CP375 from Multigraf, the Swiss finishing manufacturer, has launched a device that can perforate in both directions including stop/strike perforating and crease all in one machine.

    Perforating longwise and across the sheet, stop perforation in both directions aswell as a professional creasing system are the key features of the New CP375. This new innovation fulfils many wishes of the industry. The innovative creasing and perforating system features a patented, interchangeable tool bar system. The tools are electronically detected and the relevant pressure is automatically set. Additional tools (For different Perforation and Cross Stop Perforation applications) may be stored in the especially designed parking slots. Up to four perforating or slitting heads are available on the CP375 for inline work, all of them simply Plug and Play.

    Setup is completed within just a few seconds on the intuitive touch screen control panel. Produce your answering cards, reply cards, coupons, lottery tickets and much more within no time and in traditional letter press quality.

    The output and procedures that the CP375 enables would traditionally have required a skilled operator and a Heidleberg Platen or Cylinder die cut press, the CP375 offers this ability in a much smaller, quieter and easier to use package, once trained no special skills are required, the CP375 is as easy to use as a Photocopier!

    By simply entering the necessary information, such as paper size and required crease or perforation points, via the touchscreeen control panel, the machine creates all the settings automatically. A small centralised, multifunctional operating panel offers all necessary functions for a fast production start.

    The device, which is aimed at applications such as vouchers and lottery tickets, takes sheets up to 375x1,050mm in size and can crease stocks up to 400gsm. The perforating bar is rated for stocks up to 300gsm, though the company's goal is that the device will also be able to perforate 400gsm card.



    • Top feed vacuum belt feed system
    • Touch screen controll
    • Speed 6000 sheets per hour
    • Operator friendly
    • Slide out crease bars
    • Minimum crease distance apart is just 1mm