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    Matrix Duo 460 Roll Laminator

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    The Matrix Duo 460 laminating machine is a multipurpose single or double sided roll fed laminating system ideal for both laminating and encapsulating.

    Ideal for short to medium size runs there is no need to pay costly set up charges, and no delay! Solidly constructed and great for a wide range of applications the Matrix Duo 460 is the best value single sided laminator on the market.

    The Matrix Duo 460 roll laminator allows the flexibility of single side lamination and encapsulation providing an affordable and effective solution. The unique anti-curl bar allows even the thinnest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a curled finish and extension arms allow large rolls of film (up to 1000m) to be used saving changeover time.

    • Laminate or encapsulate with ease
    • Load up to 1000m film length
    • Anti-curl bar gives perfect flat results
    • SRA2 (455mm)
    • Speed Control
    • Solid Construction
    • Anti-jam reverse mechanism
    • Safety shields
    • Independent heat rollers
    • Optional mobile floor stand
    • Optional perforating unit

    Optional Perforator to add increased production by making the separation of single sided laminated sheets quick and simple.


    Encapsulating or Laminating what's the difference?

    Encapsulating is generally for protection the film or pouch is larger than the sheet size covering both sides and has a border of film around the edges, this forms a complete seal. Film or pouches for encapsulating are quite thick. (single side is not possible)

    Laminating is primarily for enhancement and can be single side or both sides the film used is smaller than the sheet size. Very thin films can be used especially on single sided lamination. Trimming or guillotining will be required after laminating.